Bretzwil with Castle Ramstein ca 1700
Bretzwil with Castle Ramstein ca. 1700

Some Dürrenberger Immigrants from Basel-Land, Switzerland to America

in the 18th and 19th Century 


Stammtafel - Nr. 100


Wilhelm Dürrenberger

Chart of the U.S. Descendants of Wilhelm and Rosina Dürrenberger

Wilhelm was born about 1840 in Basel-Land, Switzerland.  He died after 1900 in Kane County, Illinois

He married Rosina Tschopp of Ziefen, Basel-Land, Switzerland in 1872. They immigrated to Kane County, Illinois in 1886

Their children:

1.       Rosina                  1873

2.       Elisabeth              1874-1875

3.       Wilhelm                 1876

4.       Anna                      1878-1878

5.       Robert                   1882

6.       Anna                      1887 (Born in Kane County, Illinois)


Stammtafel - Nr. 10

Hans Jacob Dürrenberger              

Hans was born 1733.  He died about Oct 1772 at sea on the Atlantic Ocean on the voyage to America.

He married Verena Burgin of Bubendorf on 3 October 1757 in Bubendorf, Basel-Land. She also died about Oct 1772 at sea on the passage to America. 

Their children:

1.       Verena                 1758                         Died about Oct 1772 at sea on the Atlantic Ocean.

2.       Johannes              1759-1765

3.       Jacob                   1760

4.       Barbara                1763                         Died about Oct 1772 at sea on the Atlantic Ocean.

5.       Maria                    1764-1764

6.       Maria                    1766-1767

7.       Maria                    1768                         Died about Oct 1772 at sea on the Atlantic Ocean.


Stammtafel - Nr. 111

Johann Jakob Dürrenberger        Born 1852

Johann married Anna Barbara Vogl of Lauwil in 1874.

He also married Rosina Burgin of Hafelfingen in 1880.

Children of Johann and Anna Barbara:

1.       Emil                       1875-1875

2.       Emil Jacob            1876-1876

3.       Lina                       1877-1948     Lina married Reinhard Vogt of Reigoldswil in 1901.


Stammtafel - Nr. 11


Johann Jakob Dürrenberger                        1806-1878

Johann married Maria Roth of Reigoldswil in 1828

He later married Elizabeth Probst of Reigoldswil in 1832


Stammtafel - Nr. 11


Hans Heinrich Dürrenberger       Born 1769

     and his brother

Hans Jacob Dürrenberger           Born 1774

(Their parents were Hans Jacob Durrenberger (1746-1779) of Lauwil and Elisabeth Muller of Vordemwald)



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